Most Alerts Ever for a Single Day?

Browsing the posted alerts for November 14th (SOTA North American Activity Day), I counted 23 alerts and I have begun to wonder, what was the record for the most number of alerts/planned activations for a single day in SOTA?


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Hi Tom

Don’t expect too many to show up from the UK. We are in the midst of severe weather with high winds and flooding.



My weekend’s SOTA activities are, regrettably, cancelled. I may nip up a local one, probably The Cloud G/SP-015, at short notice if the weather looks OK and if family circumstances allow.

I hope the NA activations go well.


The answer to your original question Tom, is possibly 2nd or 3rd May earlier this year - the International SOTA Weekend.


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I would agree with Tom, M1EYP, that the most Alerts were posted over the weekend of the first International SOTA Weekend on 2nd and 3rd May 2009.

Checking through my log, I contacted 45 SOTA stations on the 2nd and 40 on the 3rd.(180 chaser points). As these were CW only you can at least double this number for SSB and FM stations.


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The ISW in May was the highest number os alerts i have ever seen on this site, as Richard noted its going to be down to the weather that determines who goes out on summits.

Vertical half wave cut for 20m will be used today (Magic Moggy MK1) not the multiband as i was waiting for some jubilee clips which have arrived this morning but too many things to do now so that will have to wait for another day.

If the weather is too bad i can use the drive on mast and chase the NA guys from the car, there is a wall on Shining Tor which can be used for shelter so theres an option … fingers crossed. Sean M0GIA

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We’ll be on air from GW-NW as advertised but looks like we will divert to a slightly closer summit due to poor wx. I will send out an aprs beacon on arrival from M1DTJ-7 (not real-time tracking as I refuse to pay Yaesu money for the VX-8 GPS!).

73 de Chris M1DTJ