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The most activated summit in SOTA is The Cloud G/SP-015, the only one to have been activated more than 2000 times. OK, a fair few of those are by me - but I should still imagine it’s “up there” in terms of unique activators too - through not at the top of the list.

I had a spare couple of hours around lunchtime today, and the weather was pleasant, so I headed up there with my 20m groundplane antenna for some S2S action.

65 QSOs:

20m CW: 19
20m SSB: 36
2m FM: 10

17 S2S:

HB9BAB/P on HB/ZH-015
EA6/DL6FBK/P on EA6/MA-060
IK2LEY/P on I/LO-318
2E0BIA/P on G/SP-004
HB9HCS/P on HB/BE-151
CT2HOV/P on CT/MN-049
HB9EIV/P on HB/BE-102
EA2WX/P on EA2/BI-055
EC2AG on EA2/BI-033
HB9AFI/P on HB/VD-048
SV2RUJ/P on SV/MC-076
TM4S on F/AM-804
EA2DCA/P on EA2/NV-060
MW0JSB/P on GW/SW-041
EA2CCG/P on EA2/NV-151
F8AST/P on F/AM-809
M0XMX/P on G/CE-004

It was all getting addictive (as usual) and it took some effort to haul myself away - which I needed to do as I’d promised the family I would cook Sunday roast dinner (and do the shopping for it)!

As I write this I have a nice full belly and a nice full logbook!


Nice to work you, Tom, this morning from GW/SW-041. I think it was for the first time! Looks like you had a good activation, and I hope you weren’t too late home for Sunday dinner!

All the best,

Matthew M(W)0JSB

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Impossible - as I was doing the shopping for it after my activation, then cooking it at home. Anyway, no, I served dinner at 1645z, and all the family were happy with that!

Thanks for the call from Black Mountain. I’d tried calling you on your QRG a little earlier but couldn’t break the pile-up - so I was delighted to hear you answering one of my CQ calls a bit later.


It may be the most activated, but even with over 4000 chaser points I still haven’t managed to chase The Cloud :rofl:

I’m at a distance which is only possible on 40m or below and that doesn’t seem so popular looking at last years activations. Hopefully I’ll nab it from another summit later in the year :slight_smile:

73, Jonathan

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I have only worked The Cloud.from home on 2 occasions out of the 9 times I’ve chased the summit - Tom on 80m CW and Martyn M1MAJ/P on 60m SSB. I’ve not even heard Tom on 2m SSB during the activity contests which is rather strange. :hushed:


‘Tis indeed. I work a lot of stations in your area on the 2m contest nights.

That is great. And I thought my beloved local mountain Bröhn DM/NS-122 would have a lot with 205 activations - 144 from me.

Now my goal is for #1 in all of DL and to surpass Lupf DM/BW-057 with 236 currently activations.

73 Chris


Oh, these are numbers!
73 Ludwig

Hello, thank very for qso S2S…

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