Morse Code Learning App for ios

Give them time.

are there App with the ability to connect a real paddle too?

I know that if you can find an old ball type mouse you can connect a paddle via the button contacts on the PCB. The instructions are online somewhere, but I can’t remember where.

Hi Matt, thanks for you suggestion. I saw about it, but I would like to use a normal kayer directly with a phone (ios or android). So I could learn and practice anyware in a fast and pactical way to use a real paddle…
I’m looking for this app…

I don’t understand the design. You get some text and paste it into the text screen (or you could type new text). Then it generates the morse for that text, saves it as a sound file. But you can’t just play that sound file, you have to email it to yourself so that after going to your email provider and back, chewing up all that bandwidth, you can then open the email and tap the attachment to play the sound file. But it does work, and I recorded some text at 700 hz, sent it from my phone to my phone, then played it as a 700hz source while testing an audio filter. Just seems like a long way around the park.

Yes clunky tho it is, I don’t know of another product (Morse Email) that allows me to convert any text to code anywhere I am and take it anywhere I go. Currently for copy speed building I am listening to Old Man and the Sea. Last night it took me about 10 minutes to prepare pages 47-50 which I will listen to during idle moments today. I don’t know of another product that will do that for me on my phone. Thanks, Scott kw4jm

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I have had several, this one is my favorite . It has many useful features and is easy to use .