Morse Code featured in Smithsonian Magazine Jan-Feb 2023

A non-ham friend here in New York just asked me if I know a guy named Steve Galchutt ??!! This month the respected magazine Smithsonian features a Prologue article describing the resurgence of Morse Code in the digital age. The excellent article begins with an interview with Steve, WG0AT, describing SOTA and explains the benefits of learning CW. Well done, Steve !
Stay well & 73!
Mike, WB2FUV


Good show, Steve!
And thanks Mike, for posting.


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Thanks for sharing, great article.

This is the link I used to the article.


Excellent article Steve, thanks for letting us know Mike.

They did not list any call letters. Among our Sota folks mentioned, Galchutt is WGØAT, Witherspoon is K4SWL, and Kimmerly is K6ARK. Others outside Sota are Robbins, W4PA; Inderbitzen, NQ1R; Fanelli, WI2G; Bernstein, WB2UZE; and Tombaugh, N3PDT. This article is a follow-up to one about Morse Code in the May 21, 2019 issue.

The interview with WGØAT reminds me that my first Sota contact, at the end of 2011, was a chase of Mt. Herman, and my most recent was also Mt. Herman. In between those QSOs were 154 other successful chases of that peak, almost all of which were with WGØAT. I think he and the goats live there. I heard the rent is cheap and the utilities are free. Oy, such a deal.



Thanks for sharing it Mike.
All possible ways to keep morse alive and show it in public is a good thing.

Contrary to what people could think, it’s not a vintage thing. As for me, I meet new friends every year, “talking” only morse “languaje”, hi!
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Thanks for posting Mike! Great article and happy to see Our fellow CW SOTA inspirers mentioned. Of course there is a much longer list and we know who they are!

When studying for my Technician less than 3 years ago I thought, CW “they still do that?” Yes they certainly do!



Excellent stuff Steve @wG0AT

Thanks on behalf of SOTA MT for the marvellous work you have long done, and continue to do promoting our hobby.

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