Morse Code Christmas Tree in Macclesfield


Probably your average shopper in Macclesfield cannot read Morse Code - but what’s to stop someone sending a rude message?

I hope they have a good rude word filter because any "send your message by text/soshal-meejuh " is normally subverted within seconds such as the Man Utd. fans subverting Man City’s chance to name a new stand at the home end of the field. It wasn’t long before the #1 suggestion was to name that end after City star player of yore Colin Bell :wink:

You are under-estimating us here. It actually plays Morse Code in the music too. I was parking my bike when my internal Morse decoder started reading. It was rather odd. I only found out about the lights today. Interesting idea.


You mean re Macclesfielders’ Morse Code skills or ability to circumvent the rude word detector?

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I’ve just started charging one of my “burner” phones so I can send some offensive messages about a Macclesfield local :wink:

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You mean Colin’s End?

Exactly… you know the story then? :slight_smile:

No I’m afraid I’m not a football fan. I am an admirer of VoxPop though. It produces some truly memorable outcomes! :roll_eyes:

Boaty McBoatface being a fine example, although amusing in the first instance until everything became Something McSomethingface.

I wish this phone would charge faster.

Second guess the voting public? Think again! Other notable examples have been the weekly success of John Sergeant in Strictly Come Dancing, and arguably the EU referendum result where both David Cameron and the bookmakers thought it was a one-horse race. My personal favourite though was when an old re-release from Rage Against The Machine beat Simon Cowell’s talent show winner to the Christmas number 1!


Yes, the RATM success was a delight compared to the spineless pap that Simon “waist too high” Cowell was peddling. People remember the name RATM but few can remember the name of the Cowell-fool being pushed by Cowell’s music label. Yes, Joe McElderry who is so instantly forgettable that everyone has forgotten him.

RATM winning was one the Christmas highlights that year. The icing on the cake being Cheryl <insert current surname> (Tweedy / Cole / Fernandez-Versini / Payne / Uncletomcobleyandall) being so upset with a quote along the lines “That was meant to be Joe’s Christmas #1, this is not fair”. Well sweetheart, a lot of us thought it was just about perfect. :wink:

You’d think people organising these things would know this will only end in tears. Or some poor soul will need to manually vet the messages and then will need counselling and time off work to recover from what they saw!

The collective memory on this forum is a thing of wonder and beauty. Andy, not only did you remember the unmemorable singer’s name (bet you can’t remember the song?) but also all of Cheryl’s incarnations! Who needs Google? (other search engines may be available).

Anyway, to get back on topic. How’s your burner phone coming along?

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Don’t you just need a burner SIM?

I had to Google his name!

Matt Hancock, 2020

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Talking of Xmas trees
Photographed this on my way up Moel Famau GW/NW-044 today
Some of the decorations had blown off in the strong wind, but hey brought a smile.



Something similar on the way up G/SP-004 this time last year!


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