More small wonder fun

This time on Knockan ES-081. Thanks to the chasers the Rockmite put 12 qsos in the log on 40m and the SW+20 drifted its way through 15 on 20m including N4EX again. I still find it amazing that 1.5 watts can make its way over the Atlantic to the ever vigilant Rich.

I think the Rockmite will become a regular on 40 meters for my sota-shack. There you go Barry, finally used it, your help soldering the SMT mixer was not for nothing. I don’t think I’ll be entering the PP3 challenge any time soon though, I’m happy with a QRO Rockmite for now.

Very nice weather today and shorts were the order of the day, much to the delight of my parasitic hitch-hiker, sadly I hadn’t brought tweezers so I took her home with me to deal with later. This was probably not the best hill to do straight after Ben Macdui, it is infested with wind turbines, although the view to several nearby sota summits is not without interest.

Hoping to do something a little more substantial on Friday.