More points vs new one

There’s a 4 points summit I may decide to activate this Sunday but I have also identified a 2 points summit closer to my QTH and this last has never been activated, while the firstly mentionned 4 points summit has already been activated 9 times.
My open question is: what do you mates prefer, chasing a 4 points summit which is not unique or chasing a 2 points one which is a new one?
Thanks in advance for your comments.
Best 73 de Guru - EA2IF

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To the vast majority of chasers it does not make the slightest difference Guru.

To the dedicated chaser there is little difference in attraction between a 1 pointer and a ten pointer.

At least half of the activators are not listed on the Alerts page of SOTA Watch, so If there is an activator calling CQ SOTA the chaser will make contact then look for the points to be credited later. The satisfaction comes from making the QSO and helping the activator qualify the summit.

As an activator you should go for the satisfaction and credit of claiming first activation of a unique summit.


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HI Guru
Speaking as a Chaser I would much prefer to work a 2 point unique than a 4 point more common summit which I have worked before.

73 Phil

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Speaking as an Activator I would much prefer to activate a 2 point unique than a 4 point more common summit that has been activated before. That “first activated by” tag on the summit page is always highly prized!!!

Whatever you end up activating Guru, I am sure that you will enjoy the time spent.

73, Gerald G4OIG

Hi Guru

Activate them both and you and everyone will be happy!

Nick G4OOE

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Don’t worry!
Why not activate both summits same-day!?

73 es gl, Heinz HB9BCB

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Yes, I’m pretty sure that’s what I’ll finally do.
Not the same day, unfortunatelly because I won’t have the time for that, but one day one and the other some other day.
Hope to work you all.
Thanks for the comments and best 73 de Guru - EA2IF

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Hi Guru

As an activator; do both!

As a chaser; if I’m near a radio (and can hear them) I will always chase an activator regardless of points.


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As a Chaser in W4V I chase and Work all I can hear and they can hear me.
Dow (W4DOW) #1 Chaser W4V

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Ok, Dow.
I have just got the green card from the local authority (XYL) to go and do an activation this afternoon-evening, so I’m going to activate the 2 pointer new one. I will work 12m CW and I may try SSB if I don’t see people around (I don’t want to disturb with my voice). Will also try other bands 10, 15, 20m…
I’ll raise an alert right away.