More Media Coverage of CW

In The Times today. SOTA is mentioned (bottom of 3rd column) as an activity but not by name.


Next time someone asks me what I am doing on a summit I will make a point of saying I am using Morse code now that it is getting so much publicity.

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I always say that Iā€™m using Morse!

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When asked, I also make a point that I am using Morse code that is nearly 200 years old to talk to other people a long way away using radio waves.
I find that most of the inquisitive people are the fairer sex. the lads just try to sneek by unnoticed.

That was a valuable bit of advertising from Martin. I guess we will never throw off the Tony Hancock association (Sit com actor radio Ham in the 1960) as wierd old men in their shacks. However as I write this I am chasing Ben GW4BML/P across many North Wales summits on 60 m CW. I am envious of his achievements today.
PS, does he ever sleep?