More activator tomfoolery from ZL3 - enjoy!


Hi Chris,
I enjoyed watching the video and welcomed the few parts with subtitles, as I admit I have serious troubles to follow your speech… :wink:
Keep up the good work.


Thanks mate - is it harder to understand than a Scottish accent? Surely not! :sweat_smile:

at the Hotham SOTA “summit” held last weekend I mentioned this video to a few people and found they had all seen it and we all found it very amusing. All the Baofengs around the worlds are now quivering in their faux leather cases wondering whether they too will be used as plumb bobs and doubting whether you would seriously do that with your icom. A seriously LOL moment!
73 Andrew VK1DA

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That trip sounded and looked amazing mate, well done!

The bodgy black Baofeng just finished a 2400 vertical meter (~8000 foot) 14hr summer mountaineering expedition with me on Sunday. I might have to give it a suitable, highfalutin name that really captures its essence…

I bought an air compressor to help air up the tyres after being on gravel roads with lower pressures. I found when shopping for them that they all have big boofy names like Thunderer, Typhoon and so on. maybe the Baofeng could be something like that. I look forward to whatever you decide on. :slight_smile:
73 Andrew

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Many years back when I did a meaningful job (in vitro medical dianostics programming not bloody car dashboards or set top TV boxes etc.) I learned the difference between pumps with volumetric efficiency and pressure efficiency. Most of these car tyre compressors will be able to pump up tyres to moderate pressures ( my car has 2.3Bar at the front and 2.6Bar at the rear) it will do so quite slowly. They often are simple diaphragm pumps with no volumetric performance. i.e. they can raise pressure but not pump hundreds of L per minute. So the idea of calling them Typhoon is marketing at its best, completely false :slight_smile:

My new pump turned out to work better than I feared, despite its silly name. It raised a tyre pressure from 20 psi to 30 psi (this is one of the few remaining imperial measures in common usage here - all the pumps at service stations have psi and only some have psi and HPa) in just 5 minutes, which is about 5 times faster than I thought it would be. So after a jaunt in the Victorian forest including some steep climbs over gravel and rocky ground in 4L, it took only 20 mins or so to get them back to approximately highway pressures. The car is a Toyota FJ Cruiser.

That joke about Scottish accents feels a bit awkward now…

That model passed me by. There are only 4 for sale second hand in the UK from a quick search and I’m guessing they may have been personal imports. I’ve had a a couple of cars with big low profile tyres (255/35R19 and 255/40R18) and they seem impossible to keep inflated to the quite high pressures they want, just a constant gradual deflation. The tyres on my HiLux 2.5D are 205 R16 (205/85R16) and they never seem to deflate. Fronts (Bridgstone) are not quite ready for replacement with about 2.5mm tread. Rears are some Cooper M+S which have only done 3000kms. They’re stunning in snow. I was able to just drive out in 20cms of snow in 2WD with no nonsense, normally with no weight in the back the grip is lacking and 4WD is needed on the slight sloping bend in my road but the Coopers just bit in with no problem.

Weather is being silly now, we’ve had snow on the ground every day in 2021 and we have 20-25cms here and it’s -3C with temperature for tomorrow morning 9am predicted as -13C :scream: Then it’s meant to get to 0C by lunchtime. Extreme wierdness.

I’ve been tempted to pick up a Baofung etc. to leave in the glove box of the pickup but have always found some Whisky/Whiskey or Gin to invest the money in!

MM0FMF has the one accent no-one can understand - not even the Scots…

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“Hey where’s me Giro” being the classic example.

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Great video, many thanks. :slight_smile:

Boring gear question. What did you use at the end to do the shots of you running? Was it a stabilised selfie-stick or one of the 360 degree cameras which do the stabilisation in software? Whatever it was, it was clever. :slight_smile:

Thanks mate - no worries!

It’s just an old GoPro that crops part of the image to allow space to stabilize the output (IE software)

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