Monte Tarino I/LZ-324 the perfect montain

Today I finally managed again to “escape” from Rome and go to the mountains with a group of friends and activate a new peak of the Apennines. The mountain is Monte Tarino I / LZ-324 a beautiful peak of 1961 meters. in the park of the Simbruini Mountains. The journey takes about 2 hours by car from the center of Rome to reach the sentiro that leads to the summit. It is about 3 hours of walking to the summit and the sentiro crosses the sources of the Aniene river and then you walk for at least an hour with a lot of water around.

The summit is very open and can be reached by a long ridge that you can see in the photo. Today we were a group of 6 people and some did not reach the top and therefore I had little time for activation so as not to make those waiting for us halfway in a clearing wait too long. In the end I did 17 qsos on 20 and 30 meters cw / ssb and an S2s with @2E0BIA using my usual Elecraft Kx3 and longwire wire antenna supported by a fishing rod.

The mountain day was beautiful, the views that can be observed climbing Mount Tarino are unique, perhaps among the best in the central Apennines. The time for the radio was short but still it is always a pleasure to connect the active chasers in each band, so … the next activation!

73 de IW0HK


It was great to get a S2S with you. It looks like your weather was better than mine!

73s Matin

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Thanks Martin for the S2s !

Yes the weather was perfect ,

73 And IW0HK

You had several “perfect summits” in the past few months, Andrea. Congrats on this new success!

Your example might show to others in your region that SOTA is a good thing to enjoy spare time.

73, Markus

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Dear Markus,
“perfect summits” means in real… a perfect day with a nice summit, a nice path to walk, friends & food to share and also make radio in the top of a moutain. A lot of things but… when they all mix together it’s the “perfect summit” :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s too much philosophical., but a great day in the moutain for me it’s “the day” :slight_smile:

73 And IW0HK

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Ciao Andrea.
Noticed your SPOT in SOTAwatch while I was activating I/MC-306 Monte Catria (1701 mtrs).
Unfortunately I did not make it in time to call you for a S2S.
'73 de ik6bak, Eliseo.

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