Monte Piambello I/LO-272

Beautiful walk in a wonderful beech forest, to get to the top of Piambello, a few kilometers from Varese. The summit housed an artillery station of the Cadorna Line, built during the WW1 to defend the italian northern borders from a hypothetical German invasion from Switzerland, that obviously did not happen. This time my wife accompanied us to enjoy a bit of nature. Instead of the vertical we mounted the longwire and we had a bit of fun.
Pier IZ2FNJ managed a fair pile-up in 20 meters, while I went hunting for S2S mainly in CW.
11 S2S in the log, on 40, 30, 17 and 2 meters…Not bad!
Thanks to all chasers, see you soon!


IZ2FNJ and my wife in the wood

Nice view

The antenna and my wife sunbathing…


Nice photos and thanks for the S2S
F6HBI Gerald