Monte Martica I/LO-285

On May 12th I activated Monte Martica, starting from the municipality of Brinzio,

following the path 14 which starts immediately very steep and then sometimes was slippery due to the humidity of the ground, during the walking two boar puppies have cut my way, fortunately their mother was occupied elsewhere.
I‘ve arrived on the summit square after 1.30 hour, and keeping on the ridge I moved about fifteen meters because it was very popular with mountain bikers.
I had 11 Qso and 2 S2S, unfortunately I had little time, but little is always better than nothing!
Thanks to the hunters who called me.
Setup: RTX QCX-20, EFHW antenna with tuner, PBgel battery.
73 de Graziano


Thanks for the S2S Graziano!

Thank you for calling me and congratulations, you were my first S2S!
See you next time