Monte Grande, Liguria (I/LG-308)

In the ARM of 28th Feb.2011 Monte Grande was filed as I/LG-006. The reference had to be changed be adding 300, so the new reference became LG-306.
This reference I used during my activation of 31st May 2011. In the Italian SOTA list however, the reference numbers have been changed again and Monte Grande is now LG-308, Monte Ceppo became LG-306. This is a bit confusing, I think I have to change my log entries in order to claim Monte Grande again. The guys who worked me on the Grande (15 stations) will receive a QSL card marked with LG-306.

In reply to PA0HRM:

There are some problems with the Italian database at present. These are now being worked upon and we should have it all sorted soon.

We’ve just added 1500 new W0 summits to the database, a fairly massive undertaking, and we wanted to get those on for 1st August, a date agreed with the W0 AM and his team a while back. We had a number of minor issues that added up to a lot of time and effort being spent fixing them and sadly that meant other tasks had to slip. We have many association updates in the pipeline and a new association being worked on as well at the same time. That meant that fixing the Italian entries had to wait. There is no easy fix and we’re going to fix this in the least intrusive way possible.

In the meantime before activating an I summit activators need to check the ARM and the database. If the summit you want to activate is in the ARM then things are easy for you. The reference for the summit is the one given in the ARM but you have to add 300 to the number. So in your example the reference LG-006 would be LG-306. As the summit was in the ARM, this reference is correct and will not change. If the summit is not in the ARM but is in the database, i.e. it is a new summit since the ARM was published then there is a chance the reference is wrong. The regions containing the most mistakes are AA and LG, so email myself first (mm0fmf_sota AT and I’ll tell you the reference to use.

However, for your I/LG-306 activation, you were correct to give I/LG-306 and your QSL card should show I/LG-306. Chasers should log it as I/LG-306.

There will be an announcement when the fixup is complete.

Andy, MM0FMF
Database Manager.