Monte di Brianza (Crocione) I/LO-297 16/04/2022

Climb up from Scerizza, reached the summit I fixed along the wood the efhw 80-10mt with loadcoil for lower band. I started from 80cw, only one qso with OE7PHI, often in my logs on this band.
Qsy to 60cw, 40ssb, 30cw, 20 cw.
On 17 cw no one qso and spot on rbn.
On 15cw the situation was different, A good number rbn spots from north america, I had a pleasure to contact K2LT and K4DY.
In a break time, using a victorinox I made a stick for fixing the slim jim for 2mt on the tree.
Some pics
Slim jim fixed on tree

Looking for north America

The summit

The antenna with tiny wire awg26

Along the way

Happy Easter


Thanks for contact and summit in spite of bad propagation.

Many Thanks Claudio, I had strong QRN on low band.
See you soon!