Mögel dellinger?

Nil, nil, not a single station on 40m and 20m.
73 Chris, DL1CR

X2.2 solar flare…bands whiped out now!!!


Not looking good.

Yes, Chris. There was a Dellinger fade-out (SID) at 0910 UTC this morning. The bands started to slowly recover at about 0935 UTC.

There may be an enhancement of conditions later in the day.

Walt (G3NYY)

On the other hand, conditions on 40m late Tuesday evening, 5 September were amazingly good.

Between 2210 and 2310 UTC I worked:
YB, LU, ZP, HS, BD, W1,2,3 and 4, VE1, YI, UA0, UN7 and sundry Europeans. All at high signal strengths. It was reminiscent of conditions at a solar maximum.

Walt (G3NYY)

Looks like there was another even bigger one at around noon UTC.

This from GOES X-ray Flux | NOAA / NWS Space Weather Prediction Center

X9.33 Ouch!

Same here, … but my 40m band is still full of signals !
… at least I can now study my neighbours broadband carriers without all those annoying hams making interference :wink:

Good that MW is not affected, happily listening to Gold on 1548 here in Ostend, booming with S9+20 dB !
73 Luc ON7DQ


HF was dead when we were on Bardon Hill CE-004 today. Martyn got one ground wave contact on 40m and 60m (same station) and needed to use my 2m fm station to qualify the hill. He didn’t hear anything else on any band from 10m to 80m.

Hope conditions improve for our trip to Scotland because 2m is unlikely to come to our rescue there.

I was listening on 60 as soon as the spot went up but didn’t even hear a whisper from Martyn.

Bands as dead as the proverbial Dodo here - NE Scotland

Nothing heard at this end in Northampton. I suspect that the distance was just a little too far for a ground wave QSO. Unfortunately I missed the 60m session, but the windom is a relatively poor performer on that band.

Here they are now back to their usual poor state this morning. Oh well…

There have been a few M-class events since yesterday, but they’re mere blips when compared with yesterday’s outbursts. The latest were at about 09:55 UTC (M1.5 or so) and 10:15 UTC (M7.3). There may be more to come…

Quite likely, I would think, but sunspot 2673 is moving towards the limb and is becoming less geoeffective so it would take quite a strong X flare to give us anything more than a fade.

I just watched the latest Ham Nation Video show and Tamitha Skove, summed up the situation rather well. Although the SFI level is high and that should mean propagation is very good, the effect of the Solar flares on the D-Layer means you have no bands to available have good propagation ON!

In the US the flares and storms even knocked out 75 metres (known as 80 metres in Europe and elsewhere) for a time.

It’s going to be at least 5 days before things get better.


It’s got worse. According to spaceweather.com “The debris from Wednesday’s monster X9-class solar flare reached Earth last night–and its impact was everything forecasters expected.” Storm is classed as “Severe” Kp index currently 8.

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20m is beginning to recover now. Quite a lot of intra-EU activity.

Walt (G3NYY)

Yeah, the CME arrived with more than a little force last night. This snapshot from https://aurorawatch.lancs.ac.uk/

Make the most of the opportunities, guys, in a few days time the SFI is going to plummet!:grinning:

At the moment about the only HF band that’s half-working here is 40 metres, and that’s being hammered by VDSL training tones at every 4kHz boundary…