Moelfre to Y Llethr in Pictures

Saturday rolled in after a busy start to the week designing the rather large PCB for my third year project, I needed a break away from a computer screen. I am still keen on ganging multiple summits up on the weekend to stretch my legs, although now unique summits in North Wales are fairly limited. Having activated Moelfre before I knew that I was in for a steep climb. From the bottom she looks fairly tame, however viewed from Y Llethr the true extent of the climb can be appreciated. I used a similar parking spot to Gerald MW0WML and took the North flank up to the summit of Moelfre GW/NW-041.

Looking out to Ireland clearly visible on the next summit

I wish I had brought up the 21 MHz vertical again, it would have been good. Weight saving with larger activation’s is a sensible thing to do. With the current configuration I use separate coax lines for the dipole and the vertical, carrying both adds more weight. 40m provided more than enough contacts to fill a page, time was limited so another band was not considered. To get to Y llethr you descend down the back of Moelfre into a space where you will not see nor hear another human being - bliss !

Approach up the side of Y Llethr the walk was easily done with beautiful weather and a steady incline.

At the summit of Y Llethr GW/NW-017. Moelfre in the distance having just activated. Still present on the summit around 1 inch of snow just enough to numb the…

Nearly ready to start, if only I could get a spot out from the middle of nowhere reliably !

Just starting to loose the sun, a dark walk back to the car - doesn’t phase me much now.

Brilliant pair of summits. Put it on your to-do list. Y Llethr deserves a few more activations this year.




A great day 8n the mountains Jonathan

They’re on my to-do list for sure. Thanks for more great pics Jonathan.

I’ll put them on my list, too. It’s a pity that Rhinog Fach isn’t a Marilyn as the traverse to Rhinog Fawr is…interesting!


Hi Jonathan

Sorry I missed you but I was away. Nice pics and they are on the ‘to do list’ also :smile:

73 Allan GW4VPX

Thanks Allan. I didn’t start until late, got to the car parking spot for around 12:30. With a bit more time I think it would be possible to transition onto Rhinog Fawr as Brian suggests with all the fun of the scrambling along the way !

Its just nice to have good weather in a long while. Think a camping trip on Glasgwm GW/NW-015 will be the order of next weekend.


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Certainly is… a long time ago I did my Summer ML assessment expedition in that area, doing that traverse in reverse. We had to “confidence rope” each other down the steep gully off Rhinog Fawr at SH 6612 2873, with backpacking gear on of course. Rough hills the Rhinogs. Very confusing in the mist or dark.