Moel-y-Gamelin - NW-042


I’m taking the family to the top of Moel-y-Gamelin on Sunday 8th April, ETA is 11:00.

I’ll be QRV on 144.300 MHz SSB, QSYing to 144.260.


Alan, GW0TPH

Enjoy your walk Alan; hope the weather holds. Suggest you also click on “Alerts” and enter your plans there.

Had a fantastic outing - loads of activity, and a nice introduction to SOTA for Matt (9yrs) and Becky (7yrs) who not only completed the walk but were also most useful for holding the mast when the wind got up.

Many thanks for the contacts, and apologies to the many others who called, but didn’t get through. Unfortuntately it was cold and blowing on the summit and a short stay at the top was necessary.



In reply to G0TPH:

Thanks for the S2S while I was on WB-012, the only one of the whole outing!

Looking forward to many more, and would be grateful on any advice as to how to get the young ones up hills (My ten year old thought it was some kind of cruel April Fool stunt when I suggested she could come up Wapley Hill with me last Sunday, and had to be bribed with a visit to the Owl farm at Kington!)

73 to you all, de Paul G4MD

In reply to G4MD:

Not sure how I managed it but all of my kids enjoy joining me on my SOTA activations. My 4 year old son constantly badgers me to go walking up the ‘baby hills’. He has been up a number of 1 pointers and has managed a easy 4 pointer while decked out with his own rucksac, boots and walking pole. My 9 year old daughter acts as my tea lady, chief antenna technician-mast holder! and official photographer. My 12 year old son was that interested in the hill walking and SOTA that he recently passed his Foundation-M3TMX and I am now being dragged out every weekend to climb as many hills as he thinks I can do without me keeling over. Better mention that the XYL is an Intermediate holder-2E0MND and activator as well so when she says we are going to activate a hill I say how many points are we doing?!!.

As you can see we are a family of activators and walkers and living on the outskirts of the Lakes helps us on both accounts.

73’s Ian G7EGQ

In reply to G0TPH:

Well done Alan. Pleased that you had an enjoyable day. Just sorry I was not able to get on to work you.

Hopefully get a summit to summit in with you one day soon.

73, Gerald G4OIG

P.S. Give Tim ARI a kick up the backside when you next speak to him - he’s been languishing on a single point for over a year now! DMUARS are due for another SOTA activity sometime soon.

In reply to G4MD:

Paul, you’ve obviously not started yours off young enough. We had no trouble with our two at any stage - they just used to (and still do) leave us trailing way behind.

My daughter now aged 26 is 5 months expectant and she has started my future SOTA co-operator (grand-child) off on the right foot by taking him / her up Peel Fell SB-004 to get 4 points in - a pre-delivery experience! And yes… she was way ahead of myself and the XYL with her husband just keeping up with her. Those that know this hill will remember the top section is reasonably challenging.

73, Gerald G4OIG