Moel Siabod

Moel Siabod makes the news this time!

Can’t really blame the book this time though.
As an ‘experienced’ walker he should have been aware of the boggy section and either made a detour or trod more carefully through it.

Did a family walk there in August and my daughter managed to find a soft bit and sank up to the top of her legs. Took two of us to haul her out!

Solo walkers beware!

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Even worse sad news Ron…


In reply to GW4EVX:
Many years ago I was descending from the CIC hut on Ben Nevis, and broke through an icy crust to finish up to my chest in bog: I had to take my pack frame off and use it to spread my weight, climbing out over it. This on an access used by many thousands of climbers every year but lightly covered in snow. I didn’t blame the map, the track or the bog. It was just one of the hazards that you accept when you do that sort of thing, like Scott in the Antarctic, if things turn out against you, you have no cause for complaint. You don’t - or at least, shouldn’t - expect every footstep on miles of track to be laid out for you in a book, indeed I have always been happy with no track, just an OS map, a Silva and my own instincts. That is part of the fun.

People who get petulant because a guide book leaves them with some work to do on the route-finding front do not belong in the mountains and the sooner they realise this and take up knitting the better it will be for the rest of us.

In harsh places you have to make harsh judgements.


Brian G8ADD