Moel Llyfnnant Cancelled Activation

Hi All,

Just a quick one this time!!!

Firstly i have to apologise to any one who missed the six pointer chase points today.

We set off in Nice dry sunshine, from home and arrived at my chosen park place.

I had decided to try an alternative route up from Roger MW0IDX, by approaching it from opposite way via Hendre-Blaen-Lliw. parking for one or two cars here walk-in was easy till we passed farm and headed up to first fence. The summit was in Cloudbase from about 600m. Path although showing on OS map,just stopped abruptly with no obvious way to go. Even the Etrex which I updated with latest maps was not showing the way!!

After much zig-zagging we did eventually get to path which was indistinct in places, when we got to threeway crossroads at Ceunant Coch we had to turn sharp left and head steeply upwards. This is when our problems became apparent,not only been up to my thighs in bog on the way up twice but from here we had approx 50-60 mile an hour gusts and heavier rain than on path way up to this spot. After slipping and being blown over four times,I took the decision that this was too unsafe to continue!!

Very Reluctantly I decided Safety over six points and must admit felt it was right decision at the time, the danger was apparent and very real while up there. albeit by the time we returned down to car the weather here was fine ,but looking back at summit it was still shrouded in the same cloud base.

We managed to stop on way back at Bala lake and had our picnic lunch here before,somewhat glumly returning home. I had no alternative summit planned, so just headed home.

Sorry again for anyone waiting for the points, we will return but will use Rogers route up and pray for better weather !!!???




No matter how many people are waiting or how much you want the points, safety first always. I think best decision was taken and at least you live to fight another day. It’s been very windy here also today so I bet at 600 meters it would have been very bad.


Brian & Co

In reply to 2E0OYG:

Thanks Brian,

I knew I was right to do what I did, but still a bit dissapointed as this is first time I have cancelled from the base of a summit!! Elaine was with me so I had two peoples safety to consider!

Thanks for kind words it takes the sting out of my defeat!!

Best wishes to you and yours



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Hi, Tony, do you know what they call somebody willing to turn back when things get silly?

A survivor!

The hill will be there another day, and you will be there to enjoy it when the time comes.


Brian G8ADD

In reply to G8ADD:

Hi Brian,

Thanks for that it means a lot for a SOTA Stalwart to give me encouragement,

Yes I will be back and thanks again for your encouraging words!!



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Sorry to hear about the cancellation of the activation Tony. Safety is paramount at all times, so you made the right decision.

Sounds like you will be taking details of some alternative (smaller?) summits with you in the future so you don’t waste the day completely - something like Mynydd Rhyd Ddu NW-073 would have been a reasonable one. I have activated a couple of summits without any information working from memory only, but I don’t recommend it.

73, Gerald

In reply to G4OIG:

Thanks Gerald,

We did have lunch at Bala Lake ,so not a total loss of journey.

Thats the problem with this Country ,weather is unpredictable with Micro climates everywhere??!!

Thanks again.