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Moel Famau in Pictures

I took the DSLR up with me this afternoon, so I thought I would share a few of the pictures I took. Wx has been very good over the past couple of days. Had a spare day to get the car MOT’ed (which it incidentally passed) before returning back to MCR this evening, I sneaked in an activation on the return leg of the journey.

15m and 17m is still loaded with DX coming in after sunset. ZS2G has made it in for the sixth time in the past two months !

Another good contact with Kevin ZB2GI on the rock of Gibraltar !

Overlooking Ruthin

Looking over to the other clwydian hills

jubilee tower and the summit ofc

Looking back Foel Fenlli NW-051

Perfect take off to the west over the sea

Looking down on civilization from the tower top,long frame exposure time




Hi Jonathan

Some really good pics showing the natural beauty of the area and what a bonus to get some dx too!


Thanks for the QSO Johnathan. Nice pictures. What a great band opening yesterday.


Chuck K4QS

Gosh. That’s a bit different from when I was there! :grin:
Nice pics.

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Hi Jonathan,

really nice pictures. Reminds me on my very first SOTA activation in UK, that took also place on Moel Famau. Just remembering that I struggled awfully with the strong wind at this day.

73 Stephan, DM1LE

That’s not too unusual if you are not used to a British breakfast.


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LOL :smile:
But in this case it still must have been a relict from Bavaria, because we started our UK tour at the same morning from the airport in Munich.

Yes its been unusually good Chuck, I have had some great fun with 15m,

Worked a fair number of US chasers over the past couple of months with a deliberate emphasis on the higher bands with a new amplifier design that has worked out very well indeed.

I will be out tomorrow, I may do some lower bands or the G chasers might get a bit upset again :wink: