Moel Famau GW/NW-044 Report

Well plans for this summit nearly cancelled as I had a horrible chesty cough and lost my voice on Wednesday!! But woke up today with slight cough and weather was looking too good to cancel so off we went.

Elaine was looking forward to it too as she wanted to conquer the summit for the second time from the easy side( Last time was from Loggerheads ). Roads were quiet and we got there in plenty of time to get up and set up.

Touched Trig with 10 mins to spare from alert time, Elaine organised Welcome Brew from Flask as I put up Antennas. Usual 3 Ele for 2M and then Slinky had been damaged in bag on way up with no way to fix up there so HF TX was not Available!! Shame !!

We found it tough going up the walk today, my Chest was giving me breathing trouble and Poor Elaine had twisted her ankle on way up, so we decided against doing 051 after 044.

Started on 2m SSB on 300 then QSY to 330,with plans to go on FM later, old faithful GW0DSP called in first and gave me a spot Thanks for that Mike, Then all hell broke loose and big pile up ensued. Distance QSO’s included Tamworth,Barrow,Selby,and really chuffed with Don G0RQL in Holsworthy,Devon. Lovely Distance and good sig Report after I turned Beam around to his direction. S2S contact with family on SP-005 Pendle Hill, Nathan,Brian & Jennifer,2E0OCC/P,2E0OYG/P & M6MIJ/P.

After 25 SSB Contacts ,we had some lunch and then jumped on S20 to see if any contacts for FM changed Beam to Vertical polarization first. QSY to 575 and then Four Mobiles, father and son in one car, Cracker portable QSO with G4NVH/P Graham on a walk in Cannock 5-8 both ways on 5 watts. Super!!called for QRZ on 525 before deciding to go QRT as Weather was looking poor in direction of North and looked like it was heading our way.

On Walk down sun came out again and we got back to car needing a desperate call of nature, all sorted and stopped on way home in Loggerheads Pub for a well deserved Pint of Black Sheep and finished off our packed lunch. Lovely !!!

All Contacts logged and pics on Flicker

73 to all who gave me contacts and 88 to the Lady Amateur contacts aswell. Im hoping with me speaking to you up there it may inspire XYL to get her Foundation Call??


Tony MW6ADL for visit to Wales

In reply to M6ADL:

Hi Tony,

Great to talk to you S2S yesterday. As the batteries were dying Jennifer (M6MIJ) was trying to say that its worth taking the foundation license so you actual acheive something for the effort of walking up the hill and are not just an automatic logging system for your companions.

All the very best to both you and Elaine


Jennifer, Brian and Nathan

In reply to 2E0OYG:

Hi, Yes you were my first S2S contact ever on SOTA so thank you for coming to look for me.

I was told you had been spotted up on 005 but I had a pile up of my own to contend with , I was hoping to come looking for you as soon as it went quiet.

So glad you found me first, and both of us were very impressed with a full family enjoying the two hobbies together.

I think the Ice is beginning to crack as Elaine says she may consider Foundation if I pass my Intermediate, so fingers crossed!!??

73 & 88 from us both

Tony & Elaine