Moel Famau GW/NW-044 Interesting Report

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Nice speaking to you today Mike from Tryfan GW/NW-006.

73 Gerald

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Hi, Mike. Good to catch you from Corndon Hill (GW/MW-013) on 40. My bag was 9 on 40M and 18 on 20M. Also in cloud most of the time.

73 de Dave, G6DTN

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Thanks Mike for the S2S with you and for letting myself and Gerald use your frequency to get our S2S also

Well done on dragging that White Stick up there !!!

I ended up with five S2S so not as big a list as yours, but I could only stand the cold for 2 hours yesterday !!



“the slog that is Moel Famau”.


You haven’t lived mate if good old NW-044 is in the box marked “slog”. Try the transmitter road up to WB-002 or the Wythburn Track up to LD-003 first before you state such things!

Well done on the activation and the 21 S2S. Three of those S2S were with Jimmy M3EYP/P on his Mountain Goat day. Shame you didn’t get him on all five, including his MG activation at the end, but I guess you packed up and went home sometime around 3pm?

And, if you don’t mind me saying, 60 minutes is rather sluggish for Moel Famau. Even Liam used to do it in 50 minutes in his “slow days”. And now he’s a “speed demon” like his big brother, it would probably be more like 40! Today’s walk will be a five minute blast to the local curry house to celebrate Jimmy’s MG - feel free to join us if you’re available Mike.


Even more surprising was what I thought was a call from a GM or MM station. I’m almost certain the summit was SS-120, however, I just could not make out his call. The caller was trying so hard, he could clearly hear me, but sadly I just could’nt work out his call sign although it may have been something like ALV. This would have been a huge contact on the collinear if indeed it was a GM station, but sadly, it wasn’t to be.

I’ve had may great days working SOTA chasers and clocked up some big scores in the process. However, today was one of those special SOTA days. I think it was Brian G8ADD who said that a S2S is very special and he’s right. However, to get 21 in a day is extra special and something I won’t forget in a hurry.

The hard work to get the X-300 up to the summit paid off and really was worth the effort. However, as I said to Karen 2E0XYL, it’s not something I’d do in a hurry again…well maybe :wink:

Thanks to all the chasers and to the activators for the S2S …wonderful days radio.

130 contacts 16 HF 114 VHF FM.


There were a couple of chasers who asked me about this failed contact at the Wythall Rally yesterday.

After looking at the summit activity for GM/SS-120, it was in fact MM1AWV/P who was on the summit of Cairn Table on Saturday. It seems, most of the path to Moel Famau, is across the Irish Sea, missing out the impenetrable Lakes and Pennines.

Would have been a fairly easy contact on a beam, providing it was pointed, North, otherwise it would have been unlikey I would have even heard him in the first place.

Thanks to all the Chasers and Activators who came along and said hello at Wythall yesterday, it was great to say hello to so many people

73 Mike

Oops, seems I’ve managed to delete the original post :frowning: