Mod for my radio

i wonder if anyone knows how to do a wide band mod for my “yeasu 920” please as i would like to get on 5mgs…thanks…paul.

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Look back on reflector 2 days to title 5Mhz - there a description of the 920 mod near the end of that thread.

73 Glyn…GM4CFS

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My Yaesu FT920 was UK purchased approx 8 years ago -
Have tried both mods:
'Cutting the green wire & powerup via 1984129 - no joy’
Also, expanded the menu and set the freqs to ‘Outside’ -
still with no joy’
The first worked for Roger, MW0IDX (tks fer info).

Anyone have other mods for 5mhz, please?

73s de Peter G3TJE+

thanks for the info,i would like to know what "Note: This mod is for Lot 8 and up " means as i bought the 920 when i came back on the air after a 10yr break and although i know its a great radio i do not know the history of it!

cheers paul.

  1. Remove top and bottom covers.
  2. Remove the DSP unit, and cut or remove the Green wire that connects
    between R2544 and Q2510.
  3. Replace the DSP Unit.
  4. Press and Hold STEP and LOCK buttons when powering on.
  5. Enter the following code: 1-9-8-4-1-2-9
  6. Test the radio for proper operation.
  7. Turn the radio off and replace the top and bottom covers.
  8. Mod is complete.

Note: This mod is for Lot 8 and up.

This mod will allow transmission on MARS and other frequencies.
If you do not operate MARS, then don’t do the mod.