Mobile/Portable Log Books

Hi Guys
Just thought I would post this info , anyone that will be attending the National Hamfest at Newark, have a wander round to the Worked All Britain stand, there will be on sale Moblile/Portable Log Books A5 size wirebound 1200 contacts per book, so far not found a better one.
I use the same when out and about activating trigs & squares, and in the near future summits.
Cheers Ken G0FEX

Is it waterproof paper Ken?

Sorry Tom No

Not much use for SOTA then. Even in slightly damp air, normal paper can become rather troublesome outdoors. A waterproof paper notepad and a pencil are essential kit for a SOTA activation.

Even better, waterproof paper and a Fisher Space Pen, will even work under water, very good :+1:

Victor GI4ONL

Rite in the rain notebooks and pencils take some beating…

73 Phil

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I agree with Phil about Rite in the rain notebooks. You can also get a handy canvas zipped cover that will cover the book and has a compartment for pencils. You see them on auction sites and they do come in different sizes.


+1 for Rite in the Rain notepads. Totally waterproof. You can write on them in pouring rain, even with a film of water across the paper. Always works, and never smudges, let alone erases/rubs off. £7 might seem a little steep for a 4" x 6" notepad, but with the robust and waterproof design, plus the fact that each pad takes 2300 logs, then worth every penny I’d say.

I managed to get two army surplus waterproof pads from an Army surplus store here in NW. Mechanical pencil for a writing tool. Snow, Ice, Rain copes with the lot.


You’re doing it wrong. I hike only in good weather. It solves a multitude of problems. :slight_smile:


I buy my Rite in the Rain notebooks at the Drop Zone in Catterick ÂŁ6.50 they always have a good stock in
and they sell a lot of army kit worth a look around if your up that way, they do have a web site as well. :smile:


Using here a booklet from water-resistant “Stone-Paper” made by and a pen made by Mitsubishi Pencil Co.
I had no problems with wet paper etc.

73 de Franz

I use an A5 Nuco Stone paper pad. You have to choose your writing implement a little carefully as flowing ink (e.g. fine-liner or nib pen) will smudge. A ballpoint works well but I like an old-fashioned clutch pencil - nice fat lead, so less likely to get smashed up in the bag or when I drop it on a rock. A fine propelling pencil is a bit too scratchy for it. It’s fine with water streaming across it. This is much cheaper per m^2 than Rite in the Rain.

There is a rite in the rain 6" x 4" notebook copy called Snugpak available for about half the price of rite in the rain. Spiral bound, similar green or orange plastic cover, waterproof paper with the same small and appearance. I bought a few of these in a Keswick army surplus shop three years ago. One side is lined and the other side is grid square graph which is a slight drawback, but the print is faint so not really a problem.

73 Phil

ARRL puts out a weatherproof minilog Store

That shop in Keswick where we got the Snugpak note books Phil has now gone.

Although these “Stone paper” (SP) books are waterproof, they are not so versatile as the Rite in the Rain (RITR) paper products, since the RITR paper accepts input from more writing implements than the SP products, and do not absorb as much ink from ink-based pens as do the SP products.

Another point is that if a SP page should accidentally catch fire (it’ll never happen, right? :slight_smile: ), it will melt into a hard lump, since the SP “paper” is actually composed of fine stone flour in a polyethylene (PE) matrix, and the PE simply melts at high temperatures.

One point that is constantly being made by the manufacturers of SP products is that they are more environmentally friendly than wood-fiber based paper: they require less water, chlorine and energy than do paper products. One may wish to take note of comments in this article when considering recycling used SP products…

EDIT: although the ARRL doesn’t specifically mention the fact, their waterproof logbook is more than likely to be a variant of the stone paper range. According to the manufacturers, Andrew Stevens Associates, their paper is “technologically superior synthetic paper…will not rip easily, and you can’t detach the individual pages by a simple pull as you would a paper padded product”. FYI…


Another +1 for Rite in the Rain. I write very small - 3 x 5 pads. I also use a pencil rather than a pen, much less of a problem when the “liquid sunshine” is particularly persistent…

OK on that shop closing in the presinct in Keswick Terry. Still using one of the Snagpak books here. I have one unused left. They were priced at ÂŁ2.99 each. Good value if anyone can still find them. Just search on Snugpack Waterproof notebook. Plenty on offer at various outlets and the usual acution site, cheapest seen is ÂŁ2.35.

73 Phil

Thanks for flagging up the logbook, Ken, mine is almost full, so I am in the market!

I agree with all comments about Rite in the rain paper, it is brilliant. I have some, but have never needed to use it in anger.

Just to add another dimension, my old logbook has been with me on all activations so far, and the pages tell of calm sunny days (neat writing) windy days (scrawl) driving rain (scrawl and water marks) powdery snow (speckled marks) etc.

Looking through it now is more evocative than photographs, and I think I’d rather lose my rig, which is replaceable, than my logbook. You wouldn’t get the same with Rite in the rain.

I’d just say avoid thin (cheap) paper…


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