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Mobile optimized site?

Are there any plans to create a mobile-optimized site for entering information into the database? I have issues with the drop down menus using Chrome on my Note 8.

Which website are you using Richard?

The new database site is smartphone adaptive.

try going here https://newsotadata.sota.org.uk/en/

You will need to use your SOTA SSO account (if you don’t have one, you will have to set it up). This is the same account that is used on SOTAWatch3, SMP and the main SOTA web page at sota.org.uk.

73 Ed.

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No! Use your normal database password! Don’t create an account unless have never accessed the database. We have copied over (nearly) everyone’s credentials into SSO.

AARRGH! Sorry Andrew!

Thanks for the clarification.
Perhaps someone can draw a chart of what uses the “SSO account” and where the separate IDs are going to be obsoleted.

Is there a planned date yet to switch to the new versions of the programs/interfaces and disable the old ones?

73 Ed.

Looks good! Thanks!