Mobile antenna mount?

Can anyone recommend a mobile antenna mount for a 2M FM antenna. I was going to buy the Comet CP-5M, but checking on eham, I see that it gets a rather low 1.9 out of 5 rating, with comments from a number of users that it has failed.

Looking for an alternative, I can see several gutter mounts (do any cars have gutters these days?) or roof rail mounts (that look as though they wont fit the odd shape of my rood rails).

Any suggestions would be appreciated,


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The gutter mounts these days are usually designed to fit on the lip of the boot lid or rear hatch. I’ve got one on the back of my 307 which has a tri-bander (6m/2m/70cm) on it and I’ve had no problems.

Colin G8TMV

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I’ve been more than happy with my Sirio magmount (can’t trace the model number, but the magnet is about 6 inches across so it’s probably the PL-145) other than having to re-solder the connection between the centre conductor of the coax and the centre connector on the SO-239, and I think that may be down to mechanical failure from mis-handling some time in the fifteen or so years I’ve owned it.

It stays exactly where I put it on the roof, even during extended stints at 70 on the motorway in windy conditions.

(Buying an antenna that folds down was a mistake, but as long as I make sure the hinge faces the right way it seems to stay put most of the time.)


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Hi Richard

I bought a new mount for my Focus earlier this year. It is a stainless steel one and I find it is very well constructed. I have it mounted on the tail gate just below the rear lights (which helps you see if it is still there in your side mirror, even at night) and the antenna doesn’t seem to get battered in the wind at speed.

It can be set to just about any angle you need. I did find that to put it at the top of the tail gate I would have to grind a thin sliver of it to allow tail gate to open hence the reason I opted for lower down and I still seem to get the same signal reports as previous car with antenna on roof.

S-RB400S Car antenna Mount for Mobile Radio 409shop,walkie-talkie,Handheld Transceiver- Radio costs about £10 and was delivered in 4 days. There is also a supplier in the UK but can’t remember who but you could Goggle the mount - RB400S


Neil 2M0NCM