MM6AON First activation on HF, Little Conval

Thanks to the chasers who helped make this activation very quick for Adam. He performed confidently on the mic and I attempted to keep up as logging assistant.

Wx was fine, dry & around 2C. The views from the top of Little Conval, with it’s remains of an ancient hill fort, were very good due to the fine air clarity.

Adam managed to get 12 contacts logged from the pile-up but looked a little fried after about 10 minutes and when I asked if he wanted to QRT he looked relieved.

I know there were many calls we missed, and I’m sure he’ll go up again, but special thanks this time to: M0MDA, G0TDM, G3WGQ, G6WRW (we got the call eventually Carolyn, thanks), G3VXJ, G4AFI, GW4ZPL, G0TRB, G4OOE, GM0AXY, GM4YMM & G0RQL.

With the summit in the bag for Adam, Ian, MM0GYX called on cw. I know how Adam feels facing the pile-up. I’m quite new to cw so find it slightly intimidating when the calls go crazy, it’s all I can do to not run back down the hill to the safety of the car and Radio 4.

I only managed about 15 minutes before going QRT myself, although a fine day in the North of Scotland and much warmer than the South, it felt pretty cold and Adam was now at a loose end. So we wrapped up the station and headed back down.

Home in time for lunch. Two happy SOTA activators, not sure what his school mates will make of it. Maybe he can recruit some future activators or chasers.


Congratulations on getting that activation under your belt. Pile-ups can be intimidating…

73, Rick M0LEP

In reply to MM0GYX:
Adam it was a real pleasure to contact you today. I think you did extremely well handling the pile up, well done !

Thanks very much for the SOTA points

Andrew, G4AFI

In reply to MM0GYX:
Pleasure to work you both fb operating from you both John GW4ZPL

In reply to GW4ZPL:
Thanks Rick, Andrew & John, I will do some more SOTA activations in future.