MM0FMF SOTA photos

Having put off this task for months and months and months, I have finally uploaded my entire SOTA photo collection to a publically viewable website. There are 61 albums and some 950 photos to look at. That should be enough to put even the worst insomniac to sleep. It took 12hours to push the approx 1GB of data up to the server though it could have been pushed faster if I was prepared to accept everyone moaning the net was broken! I’m still rotating images and deleting crud out of there. I haven’t even begun to label the images! Only the albums have names which you can use to figure out which summit the photos belong to.

I have a free Flickr account like many and as I also have a webhosting account used for other things. So I was loathed when I hit the free Flickr limits to pay for Flickr when I’m already paying for good hosting. So the full library is on one server and I’ll contine to add photos to my free Flickr account and to the SOTA Flickr group but the full details will be available on my own site. is the place to go if you are bored.

The legal bit: these are my photos and I retain all the rights. If you want to use a picture, then get in touch.