MM0EFI on GM/CS-030

Yesterday, 30th January 2022, Mo and I climbed Carn a’Gheoidh GM/CS-030 in between storms. Wasn’t the best idea! Had to find a shelter right on the 950m contour line and Mo was another 20m down below, behind a big rock. Believe it or not, summit shelter was really busy with walkers…

Anyway, I was about to hit the summit icon on the map, when Simon @GM4JXP messaged me for a summit to summit. We did this on 2m and then other ops. started calling straight after, so I never actually spotted myself.

Some folk on twitter thought I was on GM/ES-030. Must have been from a spot. I did message Simon with GM/ES-030 in error the night before, so my Bad either way.

My Internet is marginal just now, so won’t be able to email folk until Wednesday. It’s not a long list thankfully!!

Sorry folks, please correct your logs if needed.

73, Fraser


It was lovely here yesterday morning. Blue sky, fluffy clouds, hardly a breeze. I did think of grabbing something before lunch. But a longer breakfast and dragging the time-share hound for a walk won. By 1430 sky was going grey and it was blustery winds but not strong by 1630. Then it got quite wild for here later on. Seemed as bad as the storm a day or two back.

I like Carn a’Gheoidh because there is loads of room at the top for aerials and to get out of the way of the stream of walkers who visit the summit. Not too many places to shelter other than the cairn/shelter at the summit however.

I should have read this post before your other one, as I can now see that Mo and you managed to get out. I did have a listen out when I saw your spot come up, but I think it was a definite long shot from my QTH :slight_smile:
You did well to keep that beam vertical


That isn’t a “fisheye” photo. :rofl: The beam would be more suited to working LEO sats at that angle! Did the job though.