Mkars 80

Having just finished building this little 80m rig, I wondered if any one else in SOTA land is using one?


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Me! Me! I built mine two summers ago, but there was a fault causing things to be quiet on RX and non-existent on TX. It turned out to be a dodgy connection to the board on one of the transformers, which I sorted out this summer. Only the one activation under my belt on this radio, but it performed well. The capacitor mod and new firmware kept it stable for a good hour of operating. Its an excellent feeling to be QRV from a summit with all homebrew(ish) kit. I can recommend the MKARS80 net on Sunday mornings (details on the Yahoo group) - its nice to talk to other builders.

Perhaps we’ll manage a MKARS80 S2S one day.



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I had a similar issue. Just heated with an iron until it bubbled! Job done!

S2S would be good. We are thinking about Wales for next year’s annual camping, but can’t decide if we want to go north for Snowdonia or south to the Gower.



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I’m waiting for the MKARS40 hoping that Steve will put it into production. I think the prototype is at the beta test stage.

There are not a lot of sota chasers on 80m here in Norway yet.