Mistake on reference

I am sorry for the error of reference concerning the activity of 08/08/2019.
This is the F / PO-102 and not F/PE-102
Thank you for your understanding.
Best 73
André f5ukl


Egunon André
Now corrected. Thanks for letting us know.
Eskerrik asko.


Egunon Guru
Fatigue and being in a hurry is not good for the sota.
Thanks for the contact, very good signal.
Cordiales 73
Eskerrik asko.

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When you were giving the initial erroneous reference, I was quite surprised for copying you with pretty solid signals from the East of the Pyrenees. Now everything is clear and I see your signals that day much more logicals. The Pic d’Anie is close and high enough to reach my remote station QTH via groundwave.

This other map shows the location of the wrong and the right references with respect to my QTH:

The solid line links the right summit and my QTH, while the dashed line is for the wrong summit reference.