Missinglink Mountain VE6/RA-023 (1935m, 6348ft)

Missinglink Mountain VE6/RA-023 (1935m, 6348ft), is a large multi-summitted tree and grass covered mountain, Missinglink Mountain is located north of the Sheep River, and east of the Gorge Creek Trail road in Kananaskis Country. It was named in 1951 with confusion about the original name. It is believed that the original name may have been Missinglynx Mountain.

The hike is No. 42 in Vol 4 of Gillean Daffern’s Kananaskis Country Trail Guide, and the trail map is available on-line.
http://kananaskisblog.com/maps/ (Scroll down to Vol 4, Click map 2, and it is trail no. 42 marked on the map)
The hike will take about 1 hour, (30 minutes for 2km distance plus 30 minutes extra to climb 1,000’).

It did not take long to figure out the real reason for Missinglink Mountain’s name, the narrow trail from the parking lot quickly faded amongst the grassy slopes and dense trees. Two of us did manage to find the summit and set up our KX3s on 20m. VA6TTX was using an inverted Vee and VA6MCB had a 1/4 wave vertical with 7 counterpoise radials fed about 2m above ground. Despite our weak signals we did manage 7 separate QSOs.

Thanks guys for the contacts and glad we could work you both.

Gary a - W0MNA

Thanks Gary good talking with you and WØERI
Walker - VA6MCB