Missing summit: W7M/SF-212

I activated this summit Wednesday, Henderson Mountain. Today in SOTA Mapping, it no longer appears on the list. Last summit I can see on SMP is SF-211.

I am able to see my spot on SOTAwatch3 and the link does take me to a valid activation page with my QSO count.

Software glitch perhaps?

Hi Matt,

Well you are indicated in the database as the first activator of this summit (Well Done) - and the summit is set to exist until 2099 - so al looks fine!
Look the summit data up through the database (always check directly in the database for the definitive status, not other apps).


I agree with you, this could be a failed data update (aka Sync) to SMP (I can also only see a list ending at 211) - or as you say some other glitch. As long as the summit is still in the database and it’s expiry date is after your activation date, you’re fine though.

73 Ed.

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Agree with your assessment. Summits SF-212 through SF-215 are missing from the W7M/SF-XXX list. They appeared last week or else I would not have known their location.

Also agree that the activation was logged and appears in the DB with points applied.

To whom at SOTA MT should I mention this?

73 Matt

Probably the sync between the map site and the main database failed in some way which is why there are some summits missing. SOTL.as uses a DB API call to get the information directly and does have the summit. The first thing is to wait enough time until another sync has run (24hr) to see if that fixes the issue. If not then something needs doing to the mapping site. There is a link to this thread now so the MT are aware.

No failure, it just looks like you hit the server about the time it was doing the resync. I can see the 212 summit in the database

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