Missing points for first activation

We have just found out that the points for a first activation in 2006 of a summit that was cancelled in 2011 and reactivated on Oct 1, 2015 have disappeared.
OE/NO-115 was first activated by OE3KAB on 2006/08/24. The summit reference was deleted in 2011 for reasons unknown to me and reactivated in the course of our summit review this year.
Could this be due to the current database problems or is there any other error that causes this situation?

TU es 73, Sylvia OE5YYN

Wierd. No it’s nothing to do with the recent problems.

The summit NO-115 is valid from 2015-oct-01 onwards.

The points records show 3 periods:

1900-jan-01 to 2003-dec-31 : 2pt
2004-jan-01 to 2004-mar-31 : 2pt
2004-apr-01 to 2099-dec-31 : 2pt

I’d expect those items to be
1900-jan-01 to 2003-dec-31 : 2pt
2004-jan-01 to 2011-???-?? : 2pt <<< not sure when it stopped
2015-oct-01 to 2099-dec-31

I’ll need to think about what is happening.


after reading this thread i checked my activator score also and found another scoring problem:

OE/OO-271 Gaisberg

was active from 2004 to 2011, then got deleted by mistake. In 2015 we reviewed the summit and it got reactivated again.

Now my activation in 2009 showing “0” points.

73 Martin, OE5REO

I don’t have an answer for why this has happened yet. The system is designed to allow a summit to go in and out of validity and for the points value to change. But it’s not working for these summits. Normally I would suggest you download the activation log, delete the activation and then reimport the log. But don’t do that because the record that said the summit was valid on these days is missing and you will not be allowed to enter the log.

I can manually insert the score for these activations, for 2 summits it’s a few minutes effort but as soon as we ever need to re-score the activation data then the points will go because there is no data for this date. I want to get to the bottom of this but it will take a little time to fathom what has broken and when it broke, then how to restore any missing OE points data. I do have a year-end backup of the complete database for 2011 but I feel the problem will have already occurred when that was made. I also have a 2010 vintage backup from when I took over maintaining this so I’d like to think I can concoct something to fix these problems. But it will take some time…


Time is not really a problem. I appreciate that fact that things like this need sorting out properly.
I also checked some other summits that became invalid in 2011 and valid again this year and the same pattern seems to apply, i.e. the points for the first activation have disappeared. If it helps I can send you a list of those summits but I am not sure if this provides a clue as to the cause of the problem.

That would be a useful list to cross check against. Also, it will sit in my mailbox as a reminder to find a slot to analyse and resolve this.

still no points for this activation, As if it was not valid at the time of activation.
Well let’s focus on the real problems…
73 Martin

Better ask Andy @MM0FMF to have a look, but checking your Activator log there is no entry for OE/NO-115 since April last year.
Have you uploaded your log?

Barry GM4TOE
SOTA Awards Manager

I guess Martin is referring to the first activator OE3KAB.

Points: 0

If Sylvia has a list of the summits that were deleted in 2011 and restored in 2015 I can check to see if the pattern is common to these summits and figure out how the missing points can be reinserted.

Looking at the relevant points tables, it looks OK, but I think the problem is when it’s joined against the summit which has a valid-from that’s after this point.

I am currently spending a week in the mountains - will check when I am back home.

73, Sylvia

Same problem with Gaisberg OE/OO-271 (valid 2004-2011 and 2015-20XX)

The points for all activations of this summit between 2004 and 2011 are not counted:

73 Martin, OE5REO

This group of summits may have been some of the first that were added to SOTA, removed for not complying and then when rechecked, added back. The valid-from date was set to when it was re-added. When this happens nowadays, the original valid from/valid to data is put back for the summit
and that means this problem doesn’t arise.

The fix is probably a tweak to the DB code doing the join/merge from the summits and points data as well as adjusting the valid-from date for consistency.

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It should be plausible to leave it as it is and tweak the join - it’s probably a more accurate way to do it.