Missing Italian Sota manager ?

Good morning everyone,
last week I wrote to the Italian manager Sota, Daniel IU2IGX, sending him a series of changes to the peaks of Lazio and Abruzzo, and although I could apply as regional manager for these two regions he replied that he is no longer the manager of Sota Italy .

I can imagine that this is the result of the choice of the MT after the reports, also mine, that had been made in this forum about the italian sota manager.

So who is currently the manager of Sota Italia? To whom should we refer activators for changes on the list of the tops and more ??

Thanks and have a nice day, Andrea IW0HK


This is a good and bad news. Good because the previous manager was only on paper, bad because we (SOTA participants) are not informed on this change. We all hope to have a true AM to interface with.
73, Claudio IX1IHR


:crossed_fingers: let’s hope someone comes forward


Hi, I discovered that too! So I used the contact page:
to send the unattended peaks modification requests of the last few years.

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The Italian manager has resigned but the status has not yet been reflected on the summits/database pages. This will happen soon.

You should have received an email acknowledgement that the list of summit corrections and changes has been received and is being analysed. If you didn’t receive an email please check your spam folders etc.


Thanks for the update Andy !! Can you please explain what will the the route for having a new italian sota manager ??

Thanks in advance & 73 Andrea IW0HK

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In VK the outgoing manager nominates a replacement. It’s the established way of doing business here.

The appointment of an AM and RMs is surely the business of the Association. The MT is not responsible for these appointments. There have been one or two rare occasions where an inappropriate appointment was made and this resulted in feedback from the MT and a resignation and a replacement.

So there appears to be a misunderstanding here, assuming the posts are in good faith.

These positions are to keep the wheels of SOTA turning. Personal grandstanding or personal agendas are inappropriate for a voluntary position in SOTA. There must be a dozen Italians who are suitable for the AM position. Go talk to them.

I am an RM for an area much larger than Italy and a few more summits would not be a problem. Do you want me for AM of all of Italy? I’m a believer in delegation and am demanding of good standards. But I only know a dozen words of Italian. :joy: Perhaps you can do better.



I don’t understand the inferences of the usual haters, in fact they just make people laugh as they think that the AM is nothing more than an excels file on which to edit tops. Sotaitalia is for you in that case.
AM on paper? Yes, counting the hundreds of e-mails of requests for support, clarifications, explanations that arrived at my e-mail.
Now instead of barking nonsense as usual, write to the MT and propose yourself as a new MT.
Ah but perhaps it is easier just to complain than to work.
I conclude by warning that I will take legal action if anyone else besmirches my name.



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Looking forward to hearing abut the new AM.
I knew that Daniel has resigned a couple of months ago directly from him.
I only imagine how hard was the work to do considering that our is only an hobby.
I mean: For a volunteer AM it’s difficult to find the time to do such activities inserted in the normal Work/Families duties.
I know the problem!

I wish Daniel IU2IGX a lot of hamradio activity, summits and qso’s

Are there already candidates, someone proposed himself?
I wrote an email to official Sota contacts as soon I’ve heard of Daniel resign without any response.

I’m also interested to be the region manager for the Trentino Alto Adige zone, that I know better.
But Without an AM this is … unuseful

73 de IN3AQK


I thought someone had acknowledged your email, sorry if that didn’t happen. When a new AM is appointed the news will be announced on the reflector, and it will be his first task to appoint a team of RMs.