Missing confirmation marker

hello friends,
after months without we now find the confirmation marker “*” back.
Quite a number missing with me. I checked only a few and found

  • Activator logged DF5av
  • Activator logged dj5aU
  • Activator logged dj5aM
  • Activator did not log activation, but I found activity listed in summit
  • Activator stopped to log his activities
  • Activator not interested in logging but did send QSL
    Do I have to log the QSO again adding “QSL received” ?
    (I did not check abt confirmation on LotW!)

Conclusion: better work or activate a NEW ONE

Cu with SOTA
Mike, dj5av

In reply to DJ5AV:

Hi Mike,

Probably DJ5AV, DF5WA and OK1AU were calling at the same time on the same frequency and the activator mixed the letters in the three call signs. That happens to me sometimes too. Fortunately most of the chasers are able to correct my mistake on the air already before it goes into the log.

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL