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Milosz SP9PND on a rickety key

04.02.2018 OK/OL-005

vy 73 Mariusz sp9amh


Great fist on a straight key!

When I saw your spot on 7.002 today, I tried for a S2S, but could not hear you around 12:35Z from DM/BW-854.

73 de Martin, DK3IT

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Hi Martin
I had a last QSO with Hans PB2T at 12:35
Later 3 or 4 CQ , but not was anymore chasers; was about 8-10C minus so we finished.
It is a pity that it failed again but maybe someday …
We were already cold, so I did not open my station and it was my first activation on (Milosz) a straight key…
One the advantage of this key is light weight and no more other benefits… but my pad is so much lighter… hi