Mile stones

Hi All!

Thanks for your activity enabling me to reach 2 milestones. I started active SOTA chasing at 18th August and establish my 500th SOTA chaser QSO (F5LKW/p, F/AQM-424 @ 11th November) and my 2500th SOTA chaser point (HB9AFI/p, HB/BE-119, @ 12th November).
I wish you good WX for all of you during your touring with your radio and hope to meet you from a summit soon!

73: Joska, HA5CW

Congratulations Joska on achieving these 2 mile stones.

Jimmy M3EYP

In reply to HA5CW:

Szia Joska,

my congratulations on your 2 milestones!
I am sure you already look for the next :wink:

Hope to work you more often from the summits soon.
At this time to much qrl on this end :frowning:

Vy73 szia, köszönöm

In reply to HA5CW:
Congratulations Joska, well done.

Ogi, 9A7W

Only one word: BRAVO.
73 QRO

In reply to HA5CW:Szia Jóska! Gratulálok a szép eredményedhez és további sok sikert kívánok. VY 73! Zoli HA3HK

Dear All!

I boasted unthinkingly with my achievement about a year ago. (Sorry for that. :frowning: ) Well, I am going to commit a similar failure now… :slight_smile:

As a result of a year and 7 weeks chasing (even if I had to stay abroad and in the country for weeks due to work obligations, thus wasted a lot of points) I reached another milestone: Petr, OK1DSX/P from OK/US-030 provided me my 10.000th (to be proper 10.001st) chaser point and 1546th unique summit at 6th October, 14:32 UTC.

Yes, I know, that this is hardly more than a quarter of G4SSH Roy’s result, but it’s fairly enough to get into the top 100 chasers, so I suppose that I may consider myself as a member of the SOTA adults’ club. :wink: (The fact that more and more of you greet me on my name seems to certify this.)

Thanks for your activity enabling it.

73: Jóska, HA5CW

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Hello Joska

Congratulations on becoming a Super-Sloth, which is indeed a Super achievement.

To collect 10,000 chaser points in just over one year is a magnificent effort and is a target that has been achieved by very few chasers.

Your own score on the SOTA database is the only total that matters. It is a record of your personal achievement made using your skill and experience, from your QTH, using your equipment and power, to your antenna. Be proud of your score and set your own targets. You are already in second position on the HA all-modes table with more than 2000 contacts, and leading HA chaser on SSB.

However, it cannot, under any circumstances, be directly compared with the score made by any other chaser.

SOTA is not, and cannot, be a level playing field. For example, another chaser living in the same town will not have the same set of working conditions as you, will not have the noise from a nearby power line when it is raining, will not have problems from the neighbours thermostat in winter, will not be shielded from Northern summits by a nearby hill and will not have ignition noise from a nearby main road etc. So focus on your score only, this is the only total of any consequence. Be thankful that you do not live in the SOTA chaser black spot such as Reims or Dublin, where chasers really work under a tremendous handicap with a high local background noise.

Of course it is natural to look at the scores of the table leaders and sigh, but SOTA, like any other hobby, is always going to have people who are not only totally dedicated but who have unlimited time and unlimited resources to collect SOTA points. It does not matter how big your super station and beam antennas are, if you are at work during the day then you will not collect as many points as the person with modest equipment and a G5RV, who is retired.

Congratulations on your personal achievement.

Good Chasing


Congratulation Joska on achieving the super sloth.

Jimmy M3EYP

In reply to M3EYP:

For myself, I shall shortly be reaching the dizzy heights of 500 chaser points, and not sure how much longer I shall persist before doing other things - if the sunspots DO come (and I have my doubts) I shall go back to chasing the DX. Or maybe having got the bug I shall persist and join you one day.

As for activations, I currently have the grand total of 2 points, and with nothing but 1 pointers within accessible distance, and only qualifying once per year for points, I will never get far up the table. But of course it is the fun that matters, not the position in the table.

73 Dave G3YMC

ps. When I posted this I didn’t expect to reach the 500 quite SO soon. Started the morning at 460, then worked 3 10 pointers, 1 8 pointer and a couple of others in a bit over 3 hours and bingo, 506.

In reply to HA5CW:

Hi Joska,

10000 points in 2 years is a very nice job, congratulations !

73 and CU soon from a summit

Alain F6ENO

In reply to G3YMC:
Dear Dave!

SOTA is an excellent tool for improving our operation skills. On the one hand activator needs to learn managing a pile-up, and the chaser managing small signals on the other.
In addition to this, activation moves your body, you move out of your smoky city, you breath fresh air, enjoy the nature and the landscape. That’s especially useful for those who have sedentary work.
Luckily, in addition to SOTA there are lots of things to be enjoyed in our hobby like chasing/activating USACA, IOTA, RDA, DOK, WAB, DCF, LH, WFF, etc. which may be exercised out of far lower budget as a real DXpedition. Of course nobody can chase all of them whole heartedly. Up to you which to choose and no matter the result but that you enjoy doing it!

73: Jóska, HA5CW

In reply to G3YMC:
Hi Dave,

As for activations, I currently have the grand total of 2 points, and
with nothing but 1 pointers within accessible distance,

This is a real problem in SOTA which which could be solved with P100

73 Alain F6ENO

In reply to HA5CW:
Hi Jóska,
and thank you - I always appreciate your signal when I am on a summit.
VY 73 and GL Martin, df3mc

In reply to HA5CW:
Hi Jóska,
and thank you - I always appreciate your signal when I am on a summit.
VY 73 and GL Martin, df3mc