BIG CONGRATS to Mike, KE5AKL, who achieved 8,000 activator points today with the activation of W5N/SE-030. You show us all how it’s done, Mike!
All best,


Congrats Mike, glad I was one of chasers to help you out today !!
I didn’t hear a thing during your earlier activation, but you were booming in here in FL for this one !!
Onward to 9X now…Ed…N7EDK/4

Wow, big Congrats Mike.
Well done.

Wow! That’s a heck of a lot of activation points, activations, and hard work! Congratulations, Mike, on your accomplishment! Have you ever added up all of the elevation gains you have made on your activations? I wonder how far out in outer space you would end up? :smile:


Dave, AE9Q


Mike, Through winter snow and summer heat, there you are up on a mountain top calling CQ! You’re a great inspiration to all of us MG first timer wannabe’s. We all know it is not an easy accomplishment, but your persistence and perseverance are legendary. Amazed in NV!!

72’s, Woody/K1LB

My most effusive congratulations, Mike, for that amazing 8th MG you’ve just achieved.
It’s a very impressive success and a lot of good hard work.
Many thanks for the 28 times you gave me the chance to write your callsign on my log, being 27 CW and just 1 SSB.
I’ll keep looking forward to chasing you many more times in the future.



I heard a rumor that a few peaks in NM have actually lost elevation due to erosion from so much foot traffic.

Wow. What can one say? Congrats Mr. GOAT GOAT GOAT GOAT GOAT GOAT GOAT GOAT…



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Always great to chase you out in the south west! Congrats on this amazing achievement sir!

John N0EVH

Great milestone Mike, well done.
73 GL

Congrats!, Nice work

Congratulations Mike.
Jeff K6QCB

Interesting post, Ken. You were my inspiration to become a ham in 1954, and KE5AKL was my Sota mentor… and first s2s contact… in 2012.

If it feels like there are lots of acitvations in the high desert near Santa Fe by only a few climbers, that’s not an illusion. Seven W5N goats, including KE5AKL, live near Santa Fe and have 17,379 activation points, total. Another four goats, K1JD, KT5X, NM5S and AD5A, have homes right in Santa Fe, and they have another 20,195 points. It’s not surprising that 99% of all contacts by those four guys are CW, since most of them belong to the FOC and do not own a mic.

Elliott, K6EL

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…and ongoing thanks to you, El, for introducing me to SOTA; best thing that ever happened for maintaining health!

WOW!! Congratulations Mike

Thanks all! Guess I’ll keep at it 'til it stops being fun.

73 es TU,

Mike - ke5akl

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What a milestone! What a lot of miles too! Keep on keeping on and remember…
Keep Calm
And Call

Congratulations Mike. Best 73’s Dean ~ K2JB


Thanks for all your SOTA activations over the years.

You’ve been especially helpful with our many S2S contacts! Your signals are generally strong, and you always run a good “professional” activation! By running through several bands, you enable more operators to hear you and make contact. This is not always easy when doing multiple summits in the day.

Thanks for all the 40M activations! With the bands so long, I wouldn’t get you as often without 40M.


Carey (George)

Congratulations Mike on 8K. I can’t imagine all the hard work and time you’ve put forth to acheive it. Thanks for all the points in my log.

WOW—Congratulations, Octo-Goat!! What an amazing accomplishment! Mike, your dedication is truly inspiring. Thank you for the contacts and I look forward to many more!


Paul K9PM

Quite an amazing accomplishment Mike! And I know you are likely going to earn MG many more times given your enthusiasm for SOTA. Thanks for the many QSO’s,

73 de KR7RK