Mike GW0DSP breaks another record

While browsing through the database I noticed that he has done it again. Mike GW0DSP has now worked over 6000 activators. He has now worked more activators than anyone else in sota, very impressive in less than 2 years.

Congrats Mike, well done and thanks for all of our QSOs.


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Well done Mike, I may well have done the same but with family illnesses and a bereavment and all the work I am having to do for WAB I have not updated my database for a good while.

Once again well done Mike

73 Graham G4JZF

Doesn’t surprise me one little bit.

He’s the Lance Armstrong of SOTA, with the difference that Mike ISN’T full of himself.

Well done Mike !!


Many congratulations Mike. That’s commitment and a seriously large amount of talk / keying time! No doubt I will speak to you again soon.

73, Gerald

Well done Mike, congratulations and well done! Thats a lot of activations since I was ‘shopping in the High Street’ :wink: I am proud to be on your list.
73 Ian

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Superb effort Mike. Well done.

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Thanks to everyone for the kind comments, but even more so, thanks to the 6000+ activators who made this possible.

I suspect Graham G4JZF has quite a few to log yet (sorry to hear of your problems Graham).

I’m curious to know how many qso I have made chasing & activating combined? must be quite a few, hi. Maybe I’ll work it out some day.