Mij Belgium Tour

Hello all,
I had a succesfull 3 days trip, all alone this time.
I activated 15 summits, 81 points en made about 240 qso’s.
Day 1: DM/RP-001, DM/RP-002, ON/ON-009, DM/RP-003.
Day 2: ON/ON-016, -006, -004, -010, -013.
Day 3: ON/ON-011, -024, -025, -001, 026, 029.
I think I have 987 summits now, so #1000 is coming in the begin of 2022?
Many $$ petrol hi hi.
With help of spotting I had fast contacts all the time, also near the evening.
Best DX N2BTD, my first USA in a long time.
Only one time I had a problem, lumberjackers were busy on the route to the top of ON/ON-013.
I had to clime over a lot of logs. Worse, they started coming to the summit region,
I was allowed to stay short. Setting up was difficult in the mud and it was nearly evening, I managed to work 3 chasers quickly and was saved by Kurt ON4CB with the last one!!
Some forrests are closed some days for hunting, I had the luck not when I was there.
Working days: 6:30 local out of bed, in the car before 7:45. Back in the hotel at 18:00.
I used a hotel in Winterspelt Germany at the border near ON/ON-009 and DM/RP-003
Only a few drops of rain.

Thanks to all chasers!

73 de Hans PA3FYG.


Nice report, Hans. Op naar de 1000 summits !

73 - Tonnie - PA9CW

Very well done Hans and thanks ever so much for all our contacts. Stay safe and well.

Best 73 de 2E0AGB Allen

Congratulations, that was a productive trip! I can only assume you stayed away from the Belgian beer. This one was 10.2% and one bottle was enough. :slight_smile:

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Hello Hans, thanks for your multi activation report and photo. Great effort on your part. Well done and a great achievement. :smiley: :beers:

Cheers: Geoff vk3sq

Hello Hans,
respect for your certainly exhausting tour with several summits a day.
So I was able to work you on two different summits during my one activation on Oct 20th.
73 Chris

Well done Hans! I know you have a long drive to fresh summits from your part of the Netherlands. Me also - I have to go 200 miles each way to Scotland or Wales for new summits or I have take a plane or boat/Le Shuttle into EU. Its become more expensive now and more risk of becoming ill while there if I catch the Covid… My recent CT tour cost me almost £1000 UK pounds, chasing is cheaper hihi…

Very high Covid figures in UK again, growing each day, and much less Covid in the EU27 generally speaking. So maybe it is less risky in travelling for SOTA into the EU27.

I have no plans made at present for further fresh activations, and am on 992 uniques after my recent trip to Portugal with GI4ONL when I got 40 new ones. We had a similiar schedule to you, although for 9.5 days. Very tiring. I think you will beat me to the 1000! Good luck OM.

Phil G4OBK

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