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Migration of data

I have activated and chased SOTA summits using three different callsigns , can this data be migrated to my latest callsign, M0SSD?
73 George

In reply to M0SSD:

I would think you could download your logs under old c/s as csv files then upload csv file under new c/s log in. Maybe some computer geek will word it better.

In reply to G1INK:

Why would you do that Steve? The system supports you using any number of callsigns for chasing and activating in your account. As such there is no need to have mulitple accounts.

You create an account and set the callsign to your current call. Should you change your call, you update the current call in the account. You log activations and chases with the call you used and all the data goes into your SINGLE account.


In reply to MM0FMF:

That may well be true Andy, however I got the impression George had used different accounts for each callsign & was asking how to merge them into one, hence my reply.

In reply to G1INK:
I confirm that I used different accounts for each call sign. Will try the suggested download/upload procedure.
73 de George M0SSD

I actually did this for an OM station this morning, who was having trouble consolidating his logs for his different callsigns into one account.

If you are struggling George, just give me a shout and I’ll do it for you from this side. It is good to get used to handling the CSV files though, as it is a very effective way of managing your logs independently.

I think the common mistake is that participants assume they must have a separate account for each callsign held. This is not the case. When submitting activator or chaser logs, you fill in a field for “Callsign used”. This is so that a single database account can include all your activator and chaser logs, no matter what callsigns were actually used at the time.

This feature was initially introduced when one or two people were using a club callsign for a short period, but nonetheless wanted their points to accrue to their personal score. It is also useful for recording regional variations here in the UK (G, GW, GD, GM, GI), as well as for those who have been moving up the three-tier licensing structure.

In my chaser and activator accounts, I have many callsigns used:

M1EYP, MW1EYP, MM1EYP, MI1EYP, GX4BJC, GC4BJC, GN4BJC, MX1SWL, MC1SWL, MN1SWL, GX4MWS (includes club callsigns from International Short Wave League and Macclesfield & DRS).


I think this is another for a SOTA FAQ !!

Stewart G0LGS