Mid Wales Plans

Sorry, not enough information for an alert, but I am heading off to Mid Wales for Thursday & Friday in the hope of activating the Plynlimon, Banc Llechwedd-mawr, Drosgol group. Other people post accurate alerts, whereas I don’t even know which day I will go up which hill, but I will be operating on 60M & 2M ssb, expected lunch time to mid afternoon on Thursday, and perhaps earlier on Friday.



I have posted a load of alerts for the summer holidays, but the times and days - and even summits in GM - could be way out. Still it’s an aspiration and gives a flavour of the outline plans. I very nearly did it your way, but decided to stick a load of alerts on in the end, just to play the silly game of comparing afterwards how close to reality the forecast was!

Good luck with your MW summits.