Mid Wales On a hand held

I ventured into mid Wales at the weekend as I need to get fit for a forthcoming Isle of Man trip.

Poor health and commitments to other hobbies have kept me away from the hills for too long.

I decided to make the climbs fairly lightweight and only took my handheld and telescopic whip to the summits.

I did manage to activate MW - 002, 006, 014. 026, 027, 031 and 039 but only with great difficulty.

I must offer a huge thank You to John GW4BVE for working me on some of these summits but more especially for his spotting me and offering advice.

It’s good to see that the spirit of SOTA is still going strong.

I hope to work many of you over the next few weeks as I intend to get out on at least 2 of the next six weekends.


James M0ZZO

In reply to M0ZZO:

Good to see you out and about again James!

73 de Les, G3VQO