Microwave SOTA via Train: Walton Hill (G/CE-002)

Hi All,

Not being a driver, I need to use public transport to get most of the way to SOTA summits. There are actually quite a number that can be done in this manner, so I have decided to attempt to activate Walton Hill on 23cms FM (F3E) on Saturday June 13th by getting the Train to Hagley, and walking from there.

Planning on 1297.500 (calling), 1297.525 (working), 1297.550 (alternative working if .525 is busy)

This will be my first SOTA activation, estimating to get up there around 1030Z-1100Z, but am planning on doing a spot (pun intended!) of microwave beacon spotting with my portable microwave SDR receiver first, so will probably be on 23cms FM no earlier than 1130-1200Z

I will self spot once I have completed the beacon spotting, and swapped the gear over




Not sure I would want to get on a train to do a SOTA activation given the current situation and advice on travelling but good luck with it. I like activating by public transport, for me it adds extra enjoyment; but not at the moment.

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I travelled (necessarily) from Stourbridge to Hartlebury and vice versa a couple of times last week and had no difficulty in securing a whole carriage to myself so social distancing shouldn’t be an issue. I will leave the assessment of the propriety of your journey to yourself!

I’ve done Walton from Hagley station, a reasonable walk of about 6km with 260m ascent. Not sure how familiar you are with the area but if you’d like some notes on the route I took let me know. A longer and quite pleasant walk taking in Wychbury Hill and it’s obelisk can be done from Stourbridge Junction if you are masochistically inclined…

Sadly no 23cm kit here so can’t offer you an easy contact but have a great time anyway!

73 de Paul G4MD

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Looks like I will need to re-schedule due to work commitments (not to mention potential thunderstorms…), so please no-one make extra effort to work me, as I


Hi Folks,

Very much looks like I will have no work commitments tomorrow (Saturday 8th August), and with the WX promising no thunderstorms, I will attempt to get up Walton Hill. Hoping to be there around 0930 UTC, and planning on 23cms FM. (H and V polarisation)

If anyone is up for a 23cms FM QSO, I’ll be on 1297.500. Will also be doing a bit of beacon spotting, and possibly experimenting with a umbrella dish and LNB on 10GHz (RX only).