Microwave Skeds?

Interested in 23cm contacts?
SOTA has a special award program for Microwave contacts that is based upon the distance of the contacts as measured by the location of the summit(s) and/or from the summit to a six digit grid location (CM88pi for example).
The best I’ve achieved thus far is 350 Km but I’m certain additional distance is achievable either LOS or by Tropo.
I am looking for SoCal stations and perhaps Oregon interesting in working with me either S2S or summit to other QTH.
To work SoCal I will likely travel to Mount Diablo W6/CC-045-CM97bv.
My equipment is capable of FM, SSB, or CW. I use a transverter driven by my KX3 2M board at 3 W and a 25 W amplifier.
Antennas available include a 10 element, a 16 element Comet, and a 22 element M2. I also have an Alinco DJ-G7 HT.
Anyone interested in arranging skeds for 23cm?
By the way the best dx on 23cm is Tropo from SoCal to Hawaii! (edited)