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Microwave operators wanted !

Can we try to “organise” future microwave SOTA activations ?

I understand there are local initiatives like “Microwave Activity Days”, “Journées d’Activité”, etc., some of them being recurrent on the last week-end of every month.

As the SOTA microwave award ( https://www.sota.org.uk/Joining-In/Awards ) is based on the distance between the stations only, what would be the best way to “synchronise” microwave SOTA activations with these initiatives in order to maximise our chances to make long distance contacts ?

I understand “The ON4KST amateur radio chat” ( http://www.on4kst.com/chat/start.php ) is a “must” for “unusual bands” operators. Should microwave SOTA activators use it too ?

Any thoughts ?

I would not usually venture out to do SOTA microwave without first being sure that other operators were out there expecting contacts. That could be a pre-arranged activity weekend, or the monthly microwave activity evenings or contests.
I could not easily use ON4KST on my 'phone, so taking something more suitable does add more weight to be carried to the summit. You also need a network connection, which is not always available when on a summit.
Yes, I do use ON4KST from my local SOTA summit, and it does work well to organise contacts.

Perhaps we should organise a SOTA microwave activity day / weekend again?


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also not doing much SOTA myself I strongly support to advertise more activity in the microwave bands from the mountains!
I recently started doing 23 cm from the mountains and it can really be great fun! A bit magic when you come from 2 m :slight_smile:
In the moment I use SG labs tranverter and PA and a homebrew YAGI. I co-mount it to my 2 m equipment. My tactics is to ask everybody on 2 m If they also can do 23 cm. Round about 10 % can do or other OMs QRX and ask for a QSO on 23 cms. That works quite well! Just calling on 23 cm often has no success.
The 23 cm equipment is not much extra weight, less than 1 kg and for me the 2 m / 23 cm combination works quite fine!
I also thought about using ON4KST chat from the mountains. But as Stuart said, it is not easy to use it on your mobile phone. I also did not manage yet.
I only do SSB from the mountains and usually go for DX …

BTW: I published my YAGI design on thingiverse:

A foto of my 2m / 23cm combination:

Would love to make a contact to you on 23 cm some day!

I am usually QRV from the DL/OE mountains ~JN67




Hi Martin,

there are summits in my region with line of sight to some summits near Rosenheim.
About a week ago, I ordered a 23 cm transverter from SG-lab and while waiting for it to arrive I’m building a Bi-Quad antenna according to Andrew’s proposal (@VK1AD)

Maybe some more antennas will follow :wink:
If you’re interested in trying a S2S-QSO on 2m/ 23cm JN67 <-> JN48 please let me know!
73, Roman

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… time permitting I would try to join.
73, Roman

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Not having more information about other microwave “activity days”, I would propose to start with

  • the last week-end of every month
  • more specifically, if possible, on Sunday mornings between 07:00 to 10:00 UTC


No hard rules of course, just a time slot when microwave contacts are more likely to be possible, not only from SOTA summits.

Bear in mind that for the SOTA Microwave award, only ONE station must be on a SOTA summit, so you can operate from anywhere and still get the award if the distance is more than 50 kilometres.

Any thoughts ?

From a UK point of view, 05/30 and 06/27 coincide with our 5.7 / 10 GHz contest and I would normally be on a SOTA with 144MHz and 10GHz with assistance from KST. I could take either 23cm or 13cm if there is any interest. (but not 5.7GHz as my amp is far to heavy to carry up a summit).
There could be some nice DX to work during the summer.


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I like the idea of times / days when people are more likely to be about. There is a slim chance I will be able to activate one of the SB summits during the week next week (possibly G/SB-009) but that will be family dependent as they might object or the weather is rotten. I’ll post an alert if I can manage it. Otherwise for me it’ll most likely be G/LD summits.

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Hey Roman,

please let me know when your equipment is ready, we will give it a try.
What would be your prefered summit?


Weather permitting, I intend to test my initial 23cm portable setup from JO20BL (not SOTA) on Sunday 25th in the morning. Only 2 watts into a bi-square for now. Hopefully a bit more power and a yagi next month.

I will be monitoring ON4KST.

If you think we have a chance to make the contact, please let me know and I’ll make sure we have a proper sked.