Micro SOTA

Hi all,

Thanks Alain @F6ENO :wink:

There are always those who want to reduce the weight of their backpack!
Try this TX it weighs nothing :joy:

Happy new 2021

73 Éric


Hello Èric.
I like your tranciever.
Would like to have more info abt it.
And a scematic if posible.Congatulation on your achivement dr OM.
Best regards .

73 de LA1KHA Kjell

Hi Kjell

It’s not mine :relaxed:

@K6ARK made it, you can find more info here :

73 see you soon Éric


Wow that’s brilliant !!!

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If you check out Adam’s YouTube presence he is pioneering the weird, cool and wonderful.

He has a couple of antennas, 10m 3 element Yagi and a BobTail both of which seem to do remarkably well and definitely a departure from the usual linked dipole or end fed.



Only had to see the subject to know this was going to be one of Adam’s projects. :slight_smile:

Fun stuff!

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+1 for more room in the pack for Modern Times. :slight_smile:

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I asked him on Facebook about it and he said he’s going to maybe do a v2 and look at kits perhaps.