Mickle Fell Access

A couple of years ago we tried to get permission to access Mickle Fell, but never got a reply and hence weren’t able to activate it on one of our North Pennines trips. We’ve tried again this year using the address documented in The defence training estate - GOV.UK, but haven’t had any reply. So I was wondering about the experience of others who had got permission: how far in advance did you need to apply and how long did it take to get a reply?


We got permission in 2015 and I went. (Vicki broke her collar bone two days earlier.)

Our permit did arrive (emailed) and we still have it. As it happens we have just applied for another one valid for the weekend 29,30 April when the range rights of way are open. Southern Route; probably longer and wetter than Northern route but the big stream is bridged. No reply yet but plenty of time.

The walk is one I would prefer not to repeat.

Phone is 017683 43230
email is Sarah.Hullock@Landmarc.mod.uk

Good luck & 73

Yes, it can be quite damp and snow was lying when Paul, David (YDH) and I activated the summit. This is one of the two NP’s that I need to chase, so hope to catch one of you on the hills in the not too distant future.

73, Gerald G4OIG

Understatement of the year :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the advice. Our permits arrived yesterday.

It turns out that their Email response to my initial enquiry went slightly astray - almost certainly my fault as I later found the message in a backup maildrop. We returned our “Annex A” forms and all went quiet again, but on enquiry it turns out that they save them up and issue the permits in a batch.

Our permits are valid for 4th and 5th March. We will aim to go up on Saturday with Sunday available as a backup. Just hoping that both terrestrial and space weather are not too unfavourable.

Martyn M1MAJ

Thanks for the update Martyn; I hope the weather is decent; Saturday looks not too bad in S Wales, so I might be out. Otherwise I will look out for you from home.
Good luck.