Michael KX6A, California’s newest MG

Michael crossed the threshold into Goatdom yesterday up at 12,800 ft in California’s southern Sierra Nevada mountains.

Well done Mike on your two and a half year journey to Goatdom.

Paul W6PNG


Congratulations Michael on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

Congratulations. Is there a enhancement for being a smoky goat?

CONGRATS MICHAEL! And welcome to the herd.
All Best, and BAAA! Ken

Congratulations Mike. Impressive push to the end with your multi-peak days.

Congrats, Michael! I’m only a few years behind ya.


A big congratulations on your push to Goatdom.
Don, NK6A


It was always a pleasure to make contacts with Mike, specially when he made activation with his sons! Congratulations!

Congrats Mike! 73! Hal

Congratulations Mike!

cu down the log - de KR7RK

Congrats Michael.

Congratulations on MG Michael !!
73 Rich N4EX

Thank you for all the congratulations. I posted the bit below to facebook as a quick summary of the activation:

Thank you to everyone who has helped me in my journey to Mountain Goat. I was able to complete my 1000th point activation at 1910 UTC on 8/9/18 atop W6/SS-092, a summit at 12,837’ in the Southern Sierra that, until recently, had never been activated. It was a great hike up, consisting mainly of cross country travel, and took about 4.5 hours , including a good deal of route finding. Woolyback (x12,837’) is not often visited, as there are many more popular summits (with clear trails) nearby, but we thought this one looked like a good challenge. The fact that it was “rare” for peak bagging and yet to be completed for SOTA also made it a fun choice.

When my son Will (14 yrs, N6WMG) and I reached the summit, we went about figuring out where the actual high point was — sometimes a challenge on Sierra summits — and were able to locate a peak register. So far this year, only two other groups had summited and signed the register. Finally ready for some radio. I put up my j-pole and nabbed three 2-meter contacts quickly.

My fourth contact was an S2S at 123 miles on 2-meters with Scott, WA9STI. Scott was instrumental in my start with SOTA. I had first heard about SOTA at a HamCon with Don, NK6A and then got an opportunity to learn more at PAPA repeater group monthly breakfast where my wife and kids had taken their license test. The presenter was Scott, talking about this crazy activity called SOTA and I thought, “that sounds right up my alley.” It was a great coincidence that he was mountain top 123 miles away and heard my 2-meter CQ. Sitting there on Woolyback at 12,837’ looking out at Mt. Langley and overlooking the Owens Valley, I made a game day decision and decided that was a fitting way to wrap up the activation - a kind of book-end to my SOTA journey to 1000 points. I knew it would also save Will from having to sit around on the exposed summit for another ~45 mins while I went about setting up an HF antenna and completing a round of CW. I caught one other local on 2 meters at the tail end of my contact with Scott, and then Will and I packed up and started the ~3 hour hike back down to the car. It made for a great day and a fun activation.

Thanks again to all the chasers and activators that have helped with the journey.

73 de KX6A Michael


Congratulations Mike! All the best to you and keep going for us chasers. 73 de Scotty KG3W in Pa.


Glad I could be there on Tecuya Mtn (W6/SC-004) at 7180’/ 2188m to be your #4 as an S2S via 2 meter simplex to Woolyback Mtn (W6/SS-092) at 12,837’/ 3913m in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. As you recall, we did a dry run back in July of 2017 when I was on San Emigdio Mtn (W6/SC-002) at 7492’/ 2284m and completed a 2 meter S2S with you on Cirque Peak (W6/SS-085) at 12900’/ 3932m. Coincidentally the distance on both S2S occasions was 123 miles/ 198 km. Let me know if you would like me to “bronze” my Kenwood D72A HT that I worked you with and send it so you can display the rig alongside your well-earned SOTA Mountain Goat Ice Block trophy! Scott WA9STI, Los Angeles